veteran sisters

Veteran Sisters In Action


Linsey - “Veteran Sisters has given me the opportunity go give back to other Female Veterans. As a survivor of MST being able to help others is a huge part of my healing process. When I was going through the VA claims process I did not know about this organization and I was alone. Veteran Sisters makes sure that none of our sisters walk this journey alone! We are a group of survivors that always work with compassion, trust and love!”

Faith - “The Veteran Sisters, what can I say that could be enough?! These amazing women, who knew me from nobody, nevertheless showed up for me when I was scared, abused and isolated  - and they enfolded me in their strong embrace, helped actually rescue me, and made me feel safe and home again.  Not only that, as if that weren't enough, they came and whisked me away for a day of reminding me that I have real worth, and who I really am under all the damage... lunch, strong advice from a very salty Vietnam vet, and even a leisurely stroll through Hobby Lobby to kickstart a few of those old dreams. So ladies, if you are frightened, oppressed, and lost  - reach out to your Veteran Sisters. They are real, they are strong, and they are on your side. And boy, do they give good hugs!!”

Jessica -”Veteran Sisters helped me feel safe by being there for me when I had to go to a final hearing for my claim.. They are truly your “Battle Buddy”.

Dania - “I had let my intent to file for PTSD/MST run out due to fear. I was nervous, scared and about to allow it to run out again when I ran across Veteran Sisters in March 2018. They got me in contact with a VSO in my local area. Veteran Sisters walked and talked me through it, most importantly they encouraged me not to stop. Veteran Sisters were always a phone call away…ALWAYS! April 2018, I submitted my claim, Veteran Sisters helped me write my personal statement and I had my C&P in June. Veteran Sisters helped in preparing me and what could have been the worst part wasn’t because I was prepared. I felt Veteran Sisters were more helpful than the VSO. In October my claim was approved on the first try! The validation I received and the comfort in knowing I was believed was a huge success in my book! THANKS to Veteran Sisters for encouraging me and being my “Battle Body”. You Rock!”

Suzanne- “I have been afraid to do many things due to my PTSD/MST. But Veteran Sisters helped me to see that I had the strength within myself to take charge of my life”